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We are a tech startup rekindling the 'it takes a village' spirit, transforming neighborhoods into vibrant collectives, where each member and community organization actively contributes to improving social conditions at a neighborhood level. 

Olly! Olly! Oxen Free! is a pioneering tech initiative reshaping neighborhoods into vibrant, self-sufficient collaboratives. Our mission is to revive the 'It takes a village' spirit, blending our innate desire to collectively create secure, resource-rich, and supportive environments for neighborhoods with a tech-based solution. By fostering relational capital and collaboration among neighbors, organizations, faith groups, local services, and families, we can cultivate an environment where every neighborhood member can discover, authentically connect and become an integral contributor to the community's fabric.    

"Olly! Olly! Oxen Free!" is a commonly used phrase to signal the end of games such as hide and seek. It indicates that the game has ended, and players are now all safe and free to come out of hiding. The proper counter-response is, "Olly Olly Oxen Free,

We're all free."

Organization?                              Families/ Parent/Guardian?                        Neighbor?


We invite you to join and connect with us in this exciting, community-revitalizing mission. If you are a:

  • Community youth or faith-based organization looking to amplify your neighborhood impact, expand services, collaborate with like-minded groups, strengthen family ties and neighborhood relationships, connect with us!

  • Parent or Guardian looking to connect, build relationships, and create a safe environment with others in your neighborhood? Connect with us!

  • Neighbor that champions community and wants to lead or create an engaged neighborhood collaborative, connect with us!

Embrace the transformative power community collaboration with us. Dive into an environment where your involvement catalyzes neighborhood transformation, turning our local areas into vibrant centers of joy and connection. Olly! Olly! Oxen Free! is not just an app; it's a movement where neighborhood collective interactions spark meaningful community change.


We are currently developing and building our tech-based platform, to launch in 2024. Follow us for updates!

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